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Pfefferer Alto Adige (Moscato Giallo) - white

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The wine Pfefferer is named after the Pfefferer grape, a particular variety of the Muscat grape that in the Alto Adige dialect has always been called Pfefferer. Probably because the spicy aroma is reminiscent of pepper, since Pfeffer in German means pepper.


Clean and clear pale straw colour, slightly grey.

Grape Varieties

Grape %
Moscato giallo “Golden Muscat” 100


Smells like springtime! As expected, we find tonnes florals, fruit and touches of herbal spice. Every sniff exposes something new, lemons, lime zest, pears, apple blossoms, dried grass and thistle.


The palate becomes a bit more precise, we narrow down the extensive aromatics and focus on Golden Delicious apples, orange rind, white flowers and clover. Light bodied and medium-low acidity that is slow to build near the back of your tongue. The finish is lightly bitter, and holds most of the herbacious and pink peppercorn notes. Like drinking in a sunshine-filled orchard!

Cellaring Potential

2 years

Food Matching

The perfect aperitif wine and delicious with spicy hors d'oeuvres and fish based dishes. Serve lightly chilled: 10° C.


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